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Gender in Public Finance Academy 

Opportunities for national and subnational governments


The Gender in Public Finance Academy builds on the DG REFORM “Gender Flagship Project: Gender Mainstreaming in public policy and budget processes” (available here) in which administrations from 7 EU Member States are assisted to analyse policies and budgeting processes from a gender mainstreaming perspective. Support is provided to build capacity and implement good practices, methodologies and tools for mainstreaming gender (equality) throughout the policy making process. 

The Gender in Public Finance Academy aims at further building and sharing expertise and providing training on gender in public finance to equip relevant professionals with the skills required to build, assess, and monitor public finances from a gender perspective. The Gender in Public Finance Academy aims at establishing a community of proficient professionals, while enhancing good practices across the EU and enabling peer learning. 

Through the Academy, participants will learn how to apply Gender Budgeting, i.e. how to integrate gender perspectives in the budgeting process, with the ultimate goal of achieving gender equality. This involves assessing budgets from a gender-based standpoint, incorporating a gender perspective at all stages of the budgetary process, and reorganizing financial resources to promote gender equality. In essence, gender budgeting is a strategic and ongoing process with the ultimate goal of achieving gender equality. 


The Academy provides support public authorities to: 

  • Build expertise on gender-specific policies  
  • Strengthen capacity to integrate gender into public finance  
  • Improve the use of EU and national funding through enhanced gender considerations  

How to apply?

The template will be available soon. The request must be submitted by 31 October 2024 via the TSI Coordinating Authority/ies of the Member State(s) concerned.

Indicative Support Measures

The Academy will include - among other – modules that will help beneficiary authorities to:  

  • Conduct Gender Impact Assessments, Gender Responsive Budget analysis, and apply these tools to assess budgetary allocations, track expenditures, and monitor the effectiveness of gender-responsive policies and programs  
  • Collect, analyse, and use gender-disaggregated data to inform evidence-based policy decisions and budget allocations  
  • Design and implement effective institutional mechanisms to support gender equality goals and outcomes.  
  • Perform Gender auditing and gender responsive public procurement  
  • Explore the links between gender and environment sensitive public finance.  


Participants will be able to choose between basic, advanced and specialised modules according to their needs. 

Expected results

Through these modules, participants are expected to acquire a comprehensive understanding of gender-responsive policy and budgeting, enabling them to effectively analyze budget allocations, track expenditures, and assess the impact of gender-responsive policies. They will also gain proficiency in utilizing gender-disaggregated data, designing institutional mechanisms, and implementing gender-responsive public procurement. Upon completion of each module, participants will receive a certification, affirming their expertise in these vital domains. 


REFORM-B1atec [dot] europa [dot] eu (REFORM-B1[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)