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Reform Support

Public Administration and Governance policy making

Coordination of Public Administration and Governance

Since 2018, DG REFORM coordinates, within the Commission, the broad and crosscutting topic of public administration and governance. DG REFORM pools and develops the Commission’s knowledge on the way in which the public administrations in the EU Member States function, the challenges they face and what approaches can help improve their operations and hence trust. This includes:

  • Country and thematic knowledge development through briefs and studies, by collecting data and information on the EU Member States’ public administration characteristics and reform trajectories. This is done notably through the European Public Administration Country Knowledge (EUPACK) project.
  • The Assessment Frameworkfor Public Administration and Governance is an indicator-based assessment framework that is being developed for the European Semester. This Framework provides for a systematic and coherent overview of the Member States’ performance in areas with a direct link to economic efficiencies and their ability to implement reforms. The framework covers five performance areas:
    • policy planning, development and coordination,
    • civil service and human resource management,
    • accountability,
    • service delivery and
    • public financial management.

The Commission works constantly to extend the range of indicators, improve data collection methods and provide access to data. 

Based on the country and thematic knowledge, DG REFORM contributes to the assessment of public administration’ functioning and performance notably in the context of:

Moreover, DG REFORM chairs the Inter-Service Group on Public Administration Quality and Innovation (IGPA), which is a network that provides a platform for Commission services' coordination and sharing of knowledge on public administration and governance. It contributes to the development of consistent and enhanced synergies among the numerous related initiatives of the Commission.


2022 - First meeting of the Expert Group on Public Administration and Governance

The inaugural  meeting of the Expert Group on Public Administration and Governance chaired by the European Commission took place on January 31st.The Expert Group on Public Administration and Governance was established on December 17th, 2021. It represents an important step for the Commission in its efforts to enhance cooperation with Member States in the area of Public Administration and Governance.

2021- Fit for recovery and transition: Supporting Quality of Public Administration in the European Union Member States

The online conference took place on the 25 November 2021 and built on previous discussions on how to support public administrations in the EU. The high-level panels discussed how the MS public administration is impacted by broad challenges such as demographic change, the complexity of policy issues, or the twin transition. Eight workshops expanded upon these issues discussing among others public administration skills gap, adaptation strategies, interoperability and innovation within public administrations.

2018 - Quality of Public Administration: What have we learned, what can we do better

The 2018' event presented results from a systematic study on the traits of public administrations in all EU countries, related reforms and the role EU support plays in improving the quality of public institutions.


European country reports

Country knowledge on the EU Member States’ public administrations’ characteristics and reform trajectories

European thematic studies

Studies and briefs exploring various aspects of functioning and reforms in the EU Member States’ public administrations

Public administration toolbox

The toolbox aims to support, guide and encourage those who want to modernise public administrations in support of prosperous, fair and resilient societies.


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