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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations

Strengthening change management process of executives

The Commission will support the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance in its efforts to achieve a more efficient, agile and innovative public administration by evaluating competencies, analysing management processes, and providing recommendations for improvements and strategic capacity building. 


The topic is particularly relevant and timely, as Italy looks forward to an ambitious Plan for Recovery and Resilience  (RRP)  that  will  depend  on  the  effective  leadership  and  management  within  the  public administration. The deployment of the Italian RRP will depend on several features that concern and engage the public administration to manage increases in public investments, improve the delivery of public services, and strengthen the resilience of the country in the face of natural disaster and external shocks. To achieve these  objectives,  it  is  fundamental  to  have  an  effective  public  administration, equipped with attitudes and competences that are focused on results, impact and effectiveness. 

Support delivered 

The technical support will provide the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and in particular the Department of General Affairs, with:  

  1. a stocktaking report on the current state of management and leadership; 

  1. a leadership competency model for senior executive management, and a toolkit to apply it;  

  1. a report with options on the redesign of the management processes at MEF to improve efficiency, effectiveness and agility; 

  1. an action plan to scale up the results of the pilot project to the Italian Public Administration. 

Expected results 

The  technical  support  is  expected to improve  the managerial  competencies  and  skills  related  to change management and agile leadership and the use of agile management tools and processes for  the  performance  management  and  recruitment  of  senior  executives. The  expected  long-term  effect  of  this  project  is  to contribute  to  a  more  efficient,  digital  and  innovative  public administration by developing more agile management processes and leadership competencies. 

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