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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations

Supporting the design of the National Anticorruption Strategy in Lithuania. 

The Commission will support the Lithuanian authorities in the area of public integrity, focusing on the effective design and implementation of the new National Anticorruption Agenda 2022 – 2033, which is currently being drafted by the Special Investigation Service. 


Lithuania has had a dedicated national anti-corruption programme since 2002. However, the current programme has not yielded the expected results and many actions lag behind in terms of implementation. The Lithuanian authorities plan to draft and adopt a new National Anticorruption Agenda (2022-2033) in 2021, replacing the current National Anticorruption Programme. As a result, the Lithuanian authorities request technical support in drafting a new anticorruption strategy, an action plan for its implementation and monitoring and reporting tools to ensure effective implementation and coordination.  

Support delivered 

The technical support will be delivered through a review of the draft National Anticorruption Agenda, the provision of recommendations for the design of the Action Plan, assistance in the design of a monitoring and evaluation framework, design of a communication strategy and a short handbook for SMEs. These will help the Lithuanian authorities to effectively design and implement their new National Anticorruption Agenda at the national level.  

Expected results 

The project is expected to support the Lithuanian authorities in: (i) improving the anti-corruption framework and tackling corruption in an effective way; (ii) enhancing transparency and accountability of the institutions involved in the fight against corruption; (iii) improving cooperation and awareness in the fight against corruption.