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2024 Flagship Technical Support Project

Technical Support Instrument

AI-ready public administration


In order to support public administrations increase their readiness to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into ​their operations, supervise AI technologies, and design and implement public policies, DG REFORM is proposing a flagship initiative on "AI-ready public administration", designed to support Member States’ public administrations in their goal to integrate AI in a safe and trustworthy way.​

Before being able to implement and use AI technologies and fully harness their potential, public administrations need to solve recurrent problems such as the lack of interoperability between systems and data sources (e.g. registries) or the need for more effective data governance. ​

In addition to this, the adoption of AI should be aligned with EU values and principles while being used in a safe and trustworthy manner that contributes to the EU’s twin digital and green transitions.​


To support Member States’ public administrations in their goal to integrate AI in a safe and trustworthy way. It will emphasize a human-centric approach that prioritises ethics, values, fundamental rights, and users' rights. The flagship will include supporting the preparedness of computing and data infrastructure, increasing interoperability, developing IT and data governance, strengthening digital skills, and supporting regulatory mapping in the context of (forthcoming) EU digital legislation, including the AI Act.​

Support Measures

Member States (i.e. national, regional and local authorities) may choose for technical support under the following [non-exhaustive] list of measures:​

  • Regulatory mapping and capacity building to ensure that public administrations can adapt to their regulatory environment and swiftly implement new and future digital legislation. ​

  • Modernisation of the underpinning computing and data infrastructure to determine what technology is available and what would be necessary to modernise public digital infrastructures in Member States to be ready to use and develop safe and trustworthy AI systems and infrastructures.​

  • IT and data governance enable public administrations to efficiently manage their IT systems and ensure the appropriate collecting, storing, and utilisation of data relevant to their operations and core objectives.​

  • AI governance encompassing technical, organisational, or policy measures to develop ethical guidelines, certifications, assessments, supervisory or audit schemes, and legal frameworks to ensure the safe use of AI in the public administration. ​

  • Digital skills to allow public sector employees to effectively use AI technologies (such as data literacy and digital fluency as well as critical thinking and communication related to digitalisation) and to steer AI use and development in the public sector (training for data scientists and advisors with knowledge about AI as well as training on ethics and sustainability or prompt engineering). ​

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11 MAY 2023
TSI 2024 Flagship document - AI-ready public administration


REFORM-B2atec [dot] europa [dot] eu (REFORM-B2[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)