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Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Explanatory and feasibility study on state-of-the-art and new technologies in Belgium

for supervision of the container supply chain by Belgian Customs

The Commission is supporting Belgian Customs in their efforts to modernise the supervision of the container supply chain and address current major trade and globalisation challenges by identifying and making efficient use of the most advanced state-of-the art technologies.


Growth in international trade, especially through container transport, is having a huge impact on safety and security. This is triggering unprecedented operational and organisational challenges for the Belgian Customs.

The situation has to be addressed primarily in the port of Antwerp and requires exploring and assessing new and state-of-the art technologies to determine their feasibility and potential cost and benefit.

Support to be delivered

The support provided by the Commission and private sector experts was delivered over 18 months.

It consisted of:

  • data collection and an exploratory study to identify the most appropriate new state-ofthe-art technologies in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability to Customs’ need to improve supervision in the container chain;
  • a technology and economic feasibility study to assess the investment and running cost of the scenarios identified as potentially technologically suitable;
  • an impact analysis of the supplychain and trade; and
  • a proposal, guidance and recommendations for implementing the most suitable technologies.

Results achieved

The support from the Commission delivered the following results:

  • identified the most appropriate and suitable technologies;
  • confirmed that a combined multi-layered technology approach will be needed;
  • identified high potential areas for further improvement;
  • proposed and delivered practical technology solution; and
  • developed a full cost and benefit analysis, guidance and a roadmap for investment and proposed implementation.