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Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Capital market enhancement and development in Slovenia 

The Commission supported the enhancement and development of capital markets of Slovenia.  For this reason, an in-depth analysis of Slovenia’s capital markets was conducted and practical recommendations were delivered. This project helped to increase the liquidity and resilience of Slovenian capital markets and as a result, contributed to economic growth. 


The 2008 financial crisis had lasting impact on the dynamics of capital markets in Slovenia: the turnover, number of issues and number of capital market intermediaries have been falling, market capitalisation of the national stock exchange has been low and the number of concluded deals on the Slovenian stock market ranks in the bottom 25% in Europe. This diminished Slovenia’s financial sector’s reputation and weakened the country’s financial resilience in general.

This project was linked to a European Commission priority particularly in the context of the Capital Markets Union.

Support delivered 

The service provider assessed the situation of public and private capital markets in Slovenia through survey analysis  as well as the data made available. Additionally, key market participants and stakeholders were consulted. The received inputs provided the basis for a comprehensive diagnosis report and action plan. Following this, an international conference was organised in Slovenia, which offered a stage to discuss the results and the National Strategy’s most pressing issues.

Results achieved 

The project produced a broad range of action points for the development of public and private capital markets in Slovenia. Their implementation has the potential to reduce the dependence of the Slovenian economy on bank financing, contribute to economic growth and strengthen Slovenian resilience.