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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to develop well-regulated, stable and competitive financial markets

Funding Programme
  • 2021

Empowering the Dutch financial supervisor with advanced analytics solutions

The Commission helped building advanced analytics data products at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and strengthening DNB’s data capability with data trainings and expertise, DNB has accelerated their journey to become a data driven supervisor.


As the financial services industry is changing rapidly, there is an urgent need for the supervisory arm of DNB to transition to forward looking algorithms that identify patterns in data that cannot be spotted by humans. The objective was to support employees of DNB in their supervisory task by developing data products for tasks and strengthening their data capability.

Support delivered

With a team of external data scientists and DNB business and data teams, a demand-led and pragmatic agile approach was taken, with an emphasis on close collaboration between the contractor and DNB. The iterative approach of building data products and receiving feedback led to advanced analytics data products which are embraced and adopted by business.

Results achieved

We collaboratively:

• Identified many advanced analytics products and assessed value and feasibility

• Developed eight data products to at least pilot level

• Created demonstrations and dedicated trainings for all data products that are put into production in their current form to optimize business adoption

• Wrote an advisory report detailing how DNB can strengthen its internal ability to develop and maintain its own data products