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Funding Programme
  • 2017

Improving energy efficiency in the Czech Republic

The Commission supported the national authorities in their efforts to increase awareness about the benefits of energy efficiency investments and measures as well as to exchange on EU best practices on energy efficiency policies and financing.


A lack of awareness about the benefits of energy efficiency measures and available funding instruments for beneficiaries such as homeowners and firms can be a significant barrier to achieving a more energy efficient economy. Despite the authorities’ previous efforts in communicating about energy efficiency benefits, progress was insufficient, especially for residential buildings.

Support delivered

The Commission provided support over an 18-month period in the form of technical advisory services by entities with experience in communication about energy efficiency and through good practice exchange workshops with participation of experts from various EU Member State administrations.

The support measures consisted of:

  • reviewing best practices regarding energy efficiency awareness campaigns;
  • formulating detailed recommendations for a new communication strategy on energy efficiency;
  • developing a web-based tool to allow households and firms to calculate energy savings; and
  • organising four workshops with experts from EU Member State administrations;

Results achieved

The Ministry has prepared an updated communication campaign and was able to integrate additional insights about barriers to energy efficiency measures and financing instruments in their policymaking.

Furthermore, the Ministry has provided continued support for the web-tool developed in the context of this technical support, which can be found on and includes various communication materials on energy efficiency aimed at households and firms.