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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to transition to a green economy and fight climate change

Funding Programme
  • 2019

Scaling up energy efficiency investments in buildings in Hungary

for the Ministry for Innovation and Technology

Support for identifying policy reforms and financing instruments for energy efficiency in buildings.


Buildings consume over 40% of energy in Hungary. A vast portion of the building stock was built before 1980 with low energy performance standards and between 70-90% of the building stock will need to be renovated to achieve the 2050 climate targets. The pace of energy efficiency refurbishments needs to significantly increase and barriers to energy efficiency need to be addressed.

Support delivered

The Commission together with the EBRD support the Ministry over 12 months to help:

  • assess the energy efficiency potential of the building stock;
  • identify legal, technical and financial barriers hindering energy efficiency investments in buildings;
  • review options for financial instruments to unlock energy efficiency investment potential;
  • develop new concepts and operation modes for energy service companies.

Several workshops are being organised to gather insights, improve capacities and disseminate project results.

Expected results

The support from the Commission is delivering the following result:

  • Adoption and implementation of a roadmap aimed at increasing the pace of energy efficiency investments in buildings in Hungary.

The roadmap is based on improved building stock data, a solid understanding of barriers to investment and financing options and create new opportunities in the energy service market.