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Funding Programme
  • 2017

Strengthening economic and environmental regulation in the Romanian water and waste water sector

for the Romanian Public Services Commission

The European Commission provided support to the Romanian economic regulator to play a critical role as the central repository of performance and compliance information.


Effective regulation is essential for ensuring value for money in water services, but there is very limited information available about the operations and asset management of the regional water companies in Romania. The information that does exist is not collected systematically and is inconsistent.

Support delivered

The Commission, in cooperation with the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS), provided support over 14 months to:

  • raise industry awareness on the benefits of economic regulation and of a robust information framework;
  • develop an information framework Romanian Public Services Commission (ANRSC), including hands-on support to three regional pilot companies; and
  • support Romanian waters to improve the quality of data for the River Basin Management Plan.

Results achieved

Support from the Commission delivered the following results:

  • a series of workshops and awareness raising events for the industry stakeholders resulting in higher levels of understanding of the benefits of quality data; and
  • pilot analyses of 3 regional operating companies, demonstrating the results of a robust information framework, including a roadmap for the Romanian authorities to strengthen the regulator and roll out the regulatory framework at national level.