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Reform Support
Capacity building in the Greek Ministry for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection

Supporting reforms to transition to a green economy and fight climate change

Funding Programme
  • 2022

The Commission supported this project aimed at assisting Greece in confronting these challenges by developing strong and coherent methods of resilience. Due to the effects of climate change, in recent years Greece has experienced an increase in extreme weather events causing severe natural and environmental risks and disasters. It is expected that this will have a grave impact both on the population and on the economy.


Greece is confronted with multiple environmental and climate risks. Tackling such issues is often hampered by a lack of institutional structures, coordination, planning and prioritisation, as well as the absence of early warning systems. Extreme weather has led Greece to review social assistance initiatives, improve capacity and upskill climate change adaptation policies. These measures have simultaneously supported the reprioritisation of public spending.  

Other than these measures, Greece needs to implement its National Disaster Risk Plan, within the context of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Another highly important initiative is to implement the Climate Change Strategy, and to apply national and regional adaptation strategies imminently.

Support delivered

Through the Technical Support Instrument 2022 and with support from Expertise France, the project will assist Greece in developing the following: 

  • Design and improve a risk prevention strategy, an emergency preparedness kit and support the implementation process for a response and resilience action plan. 

  • Design a comprehensive Climate Change and civil protection strategy alongside an action plan for its future implementation.

  • Provide a comprehensive mechanism for the coordination of the different authorities and stakeholders, both private and public.

This support is part of an overall effort to enhance the country’s climate resilience.

Results achieved

  • An improved risk prevention, emergency preparedness, response and resilience action plan and its implementation;  

  • A comprehensive Climate Change and civil protection strategy and action plan and its implementation;  

  • A comprehensive mechanism for the coordination of the different authorities and stakeholders and for the consultation of stakeholders (both public and private) and its implementation.