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Reform Support
Supporting reform of marine management in Ireland

Supporting reforms to transition to a green economy and fight climate change

Funding Programme
  • 2021

Supporting reform of marine management in Ireland 

The Commission is supporting the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage  in implementing the changes in marine management being established under new legislation. This reform aims to specify a single-point entry system to be put in place for applicants to interact with the Government when seeking consent for developments and sustainable activities in the maritime area.


By strengthening the Irish national marine planning framework, particularly in relation to offshore renewable energy and nature protection, this project aims to contribute overall to the EU Green Deal Strategy. It specifically focuses on the EU Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy and the Biodiversity Strategy. Furthermore, the improvement of maritime spatial planning and streamlining of administrative procedures supports the implementation of the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive as well as new approaches to sustainable blue economy, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Renewable Energy Directive.

Support delivered 

The technical support is delivered through private consultancy services and consists of  (i) analysing the Irish legislation and existing marine management regime;  (ii) assessing the business processes and capabilities against the requirements set by the new regime as defined in the Maritime Area Planning Act 2021 (MAP);  (iii) identifying  transferable lessons on marine management from EU Member States (iv) defining how the existing marine management in Ireland should transition to meet the requirements set by the recently adopted MAP Act; and (v) specifying the digital tools and services needed to deliver the required changes in marine management.  

Results achieved

An efficient marine development management system will, inter alia, contribute to sustainable use of natural resources, higher investments in all types of marine-related developments and activities including renewable energy investments, achievement of national and EU food, energy and climate goals, and growth in the (ocean) economy.