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Capacity building for project management to build three regional hospitals

The European Commission supported the Romanian Ministry of Health in the procurement phase of two tenders, for technical design and the technical verification of the design, of three regional emergency hospitals in the country.


To modernize the service delivery model, the Ministry of Health intended to build and equip three regional emergency hospitals with financial support (co-financing) from the European Commission. As these were the first large regional hospitals to be built in Romania since decades, the infrastructure projects were posing a particular challenge in terms of project management and implementation to the Romanian stakeholders involved in the tendering process.

Support delivered   

The project started in March 2019 and ended October 2021, with the partner organization Expertise France. During the project, the provider supported the Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of health throughout the whole tendering process for the technical design and technical verification of the design of the hospitals, from the preparatory phase to the tender evaluation. The following activities were organized:

  • Support to revise and finalize the awarding documentation for the calls for tenders.
  • Organization of training to members of the unit on the evaluation of tenders, covering different aspects (such as subcontracting, conflict of interests etc.).
  • Drafting of guidelines to provide information on the necessary steps for the constitution of an Evaluation Committee and for verifying the compliance of tenderers with the specifications of the terms of references.

Results achieved  

The project enhanced the administrative capacity of the Project Implementation Unit in the Romanian Ministry of Health and of the members of the Evaluation Committee. As a result, the calls for tenders for the design and technical verification of the design for the three regional emergency hospitals were launched and the offers were evaluated.