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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to improve the quality and sustainability of our healthcare systems

Funding Programme
  • 2018

Reorganisation of the hospital system in the Baltic countries

The Commission supported the health authorities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in improving their hospital systems to deliver healthcare that is safe, accessible and effective.


Because of past planning decisions, health systems of the Baltic countries disproportionally rely on hospital care, although to different extents, in spite of solid evidence that many treatments delivered outside the hospital setting are safer, more effective and less expensive.

Support delivered

The Commission provided support to the Ministries of Health of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to:

  • Assess their current system of healthcare provision;
  • Identify innovative forms of cooperation between hospitals to deliver the right treatment at the right place;
  • Develop new organisational models of hospital care to increase the resilience and effectiveness of the systems;
  • Facilitate the exchange of good practice cases on the ground.

Results achieved

In Latvia: a hospital collaboration model to develop synergies and joint services, and a roadmap for its implementation.

In Estonia: a map of the current hospital system, analysing resources, organisation and governance.

In Lithuania: a blueprint for reorganising the hospital system, a communication strategy and action plans for piloting the reform.

Training, study visits and joint events in all countries.