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Funding Programme
  • 2020

Support for the establishment of a National eHealth Centre in Czechia

The European Commission supported the Czech Ministry of Health to establish a National eHealth Centre.


Current eHealth solutions are underdeveloped, fragmented and ineffective in Czechia. A root cause of this unsatisfactory situation is the lack of a fully-functional governance and technical framework for guiding the development of eHealth solutions in Czechia. The absence of such a framework contributes to the ineffective and unsustainable development of eHealth solutions by the public and private sector. To address this issue, the Czech government is in the process of establishing a fully-functional governance and technical framework for eHealth in the next two years.

Support delivered

The support measures consisted of measures helping with the design capacity building of the National eHealth Center (NeHC), supporting building up the governance of the eHealth ecosystem and defining a National eHealth Interoperability Framework (NeHIF), as well as testing it with one specific use case.

Results achieved

The Ministry of Health has established NeHC as a department of the Ministry and resources are being allocated to it. Following the implementation of the project, Czechia took further steps with respect to establishing a National eHealth Board for further strategic development of the eHealth ecosystem and the definition of the NeHIF.