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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to improve the quality and sustainability of our healthcare systems

Funding Programme
  • 2017

Supporting health system reforms in Slovenia

The Commission has been supporting Slovenia in four strategic reform areas, namely:

  • governance of the healthcare system;
  • long-term care;
  • quality of care and patient safety;
  • financing of hospital services.

The collaboration between Slovenia and the European Commission on key reform areas has facilitated the preparation and adoption of laws and regulations and the deployment of tools to contribute to the quality, accessibility and long-term fiscal sustainability of the health and long-term care systems.

The support measures have helped the authorities to:

  • establish a comprehensive set of tools and mechanisms to improve the governance of the health system (i.e. a health system performance assessment and a health workforce planning);
  • strengthen the implementation of a pilot in long-term care schemes that will facilitate the roll-out of the long-term care system at national level;
  • establish a national patient safety system and enhance the quality of care;
  • modernise the hospital financing system.

These reforms are key to ensuring that adequate healthcare and long-term care is provided to the population.