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  • 2021

Green skills roadmap for Flanders

The Commission supported Flanders in developing a strategy to develop skills required by the Green deal. The Department of Work and Social Economy was also provided with an implementation roadmap and a governance framework to coordinate the different actors. Overall, the project identified ways of overcoming skills bottle necks holding back the green transition of the Flemish economy.


The transition to a sustainable economy requires the right competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes), in line with the objectives of the European Year of Skills. One job out of four is at stake in Flanders. At the same time, the tight Flemish labour market has already led to job shortages and skills mismatches. Without necessary policy interventions, the accelerating green transition will widen these gaps. To meet these needs, workers with the right skills will be needed, mostly in existing jobs. This can be done partly by building a new talent pipeline through the education system but above all by re- and upskilling workers.

The lack of a concrete roadmap in Flanders was problematic in view of complying with the targets of the European Green Deal. Attention was given to the most impacted sectors (construction, circular economy, etc) the social effect on citizens and vulnerable groups.

Support delivered

The project was kicked-off in January 2022 for 18 months. By July 2023, based on EU good practice and stakeholders’ consultations, the project implemented by a consultant provided the Flemish authorities with:

  • A better understanding of the green skills needs within the Flemish economy and the gaps in the green transition on the labour market;
  • A proposal for a high-level strategy for guiding the green skills transition in the Flemish economy; and
  • A draft governance framework to coordinate the different actors in their efforts to ensure the relevant skills provision (new skills) and transformation (re/up-skilling).
  • A clear implementation roadmap with concrete steps to take for all stakeholders

Results achieved

To equip people and enterprises with new, fitting skills, the region of Flanders has been proposed to adopt a strategy and a new governance. A practical roadmap for the whole economy as well as for prioritised sectors has been developed for that purpose. If adopted, this should over the longer-term contribute to the acceleration of the green transition within the Flemish economy under the principles of economic effectiveness and social fairness, notably through comprehensive guidance for companies (and for training providers) on how to upskill and re-skill their employees as well as through reinforced coordination mechanism within the Flemish government.

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