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Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets, social protection systems and migration management

Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Assessment, recognition and validation of skills and qualifications for people displaced from Ukraine

The Commission is supporting France in consolidating information regarding administrative procedures for the validation and recognition of skills and qualifications acquired outside France. In addition, the support aims to make this information easily accessible to third country nationals, with an emphasis on people displaced from Ukraine who are entitled to work in France under the Temporary Protection Directive.  


Following Russia’s unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine, an unprecedented number of people have fled and continue to flee to the EU. OECD-EU indicators of immigrant integration have shown that skilled immigrants face greater obstacles in finding employment in France than in most other OECD and EU countries, and gaps are particularly large for those trained outside the EU.   

One of the obstacles encountered is the absence of comprehensive information for Ukrainians or other third-country nationals about ways to assess recognize and validate their foreign credentials.

Support delivered 

The Commission, in collaboration with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is providing support to the French Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education. 

In particular, this project will: 

  • Assess existing tools and processes in France with respect to the assessment, recognition and validation of skills and qualifications for refugees;  

  • Provide recommendations to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these tools and processes 

Results achieved 

As a result of this project the French Authorities will have the capacity to make the process of foreign credential assessment, recognition and validation in France more transparent, faster, less costly and more accessible to refugees from Ukraine.  

Its expected impact is a better and faster socio-economic inclusion of refugees from Ukraine in the French labour market. At the same time, improving the system will benefit the labour market inclusion of other categories of skilled and qualified migrants.