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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets, social protection systems and migration management

Development and implementation of migration policy

The Commission supports Poland to develop a comprehensive policy framework for labour migration based on the country’s socio-economic needs. Poland is facing a growing structural and economic demand for high and low-skilled labour. Poland needs to increase the institutional capacity of relevant Ministries to define strategic priorities regarding labour migration, design and implement related policies.  


Poland is developing a migration strategy that will be implemented over the next couple of years. It will address the challenges of an ageing population, a growing labour demand, and substantial emigration in particular of young citizens. 

Support delivered 

The support consists mainly of: 

  • Research and analysis of labour migration and retention measures
  • Recommendations to support policy implementation
  • Country visits to learn about selected measures adopted in other countries
  • Expert seminars to discuss their applicability to the Polish context

Main activities:

  • Analysis of selected instruments of labour migration policies with the purpose of elaborating recommendations for Poland;
  • Review analytical tools to help steer labour migration policy;
  • Evaluate successful examples of bilateral/regional cooperation on labour migration and examine countries that could be implicated in labour migration to Poland;
  • Address the question of return migration and what policy tools could be effective in stimulating and facilitating the return of adequately skilled Polish emigrants.

Results achieved 

The results to be achieved include: 

  • Review policy measures to steer labour migration policies and encourage the return of Polish emigrants
  • Build capacity to monitor and evaluate migration policies 
  • Enhance bilateral cooperation on labour migration