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Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

BE with U: Enhancing public services in Belgium for welcoming and integrating people displaced from Ukraine

The European Commission is supporting public services in Belgium and the Walloon region for the welcoming and integration of people displaced from Ukraine following Russia’s military invasion.


Following Russia’s unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine, public services in Belgium have faced an unprecedented influx of displaced persons. These persons are welcomed and assisted by numerous public services, local networks and organizations in different regions in Belgium.  Consequently, an increased need for support and coordination for the reception and protection of displaced people from Ukraine arose within public services in the country.  

This project, in collaboration with the Federal Public Service Social Security (FPS SS), the Public Planning Service Social Integration (PPS SI), the Service Public de Wallonie Intérieur et Action Sociale (SPW IAS), aims to respond to this context by providing technical support to public services in Belgium to improve the capacity, coordination and implementation of actions for the welcoming and integration of displaced people from Ukraine.

Support delivered

The Commission, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has been providing support to the Federal Public Service Social Security (FPS SS), the Public Planning Service Social Integration (PPS SI) and the Service Public de Wallonie Intérieur et Action Sociale (SPW IAS) since July 2022 in two streams:

  • Stream 1: to increase coordination capacity between stakeholders at different institutional levels in Belgium. In addition, the project aims at improving relevant data collection as well as the sharing and monitoring of such data.

  • Stream 2: to obtain a comprehensive overview of the integration landscape and to increase and improve coordination amongst all relevant stakeholders and socio-economic actors at regional and local level.

Results achieved

 The expected results of this project are: 

  • On a federal level: to reinforce integration structures by improving coordination and the exchange of knowledge and data between relevant stakeholders; 

  • In the Walloon region: obtain an overview of the integration ecosystem of persons displaced from Ukraine. 

Its expected impact is a better and faster access to services for people displaced from Ukraine so that they feel welcome and are better integrated.

More about the project

More information on the BE with U project can be found on the websites of the International Organization for Migration and the Belgian Federal Public Service Social Security.