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Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets, social protection systems and migration management

Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Reform of the French National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy 

The Commission supported the French National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA), a French Social Security Agency responsible for the provision and monitoring of long-term care services and transfers, to reform its own internal structure and cooperation framework with the regions and departments. The project provided the CNSA with concrete recommendations and implementation support to carry out its newly assigned responsibilities, as custodian of the recently established fifth branch of the French Social Security System.   


The enactment of a new law on social debt and autonomy on the 7th of August 2020  has resulted in a strengthened mandate for the CNSA. Concretely, the Agency has been entrusted with the management of a newly-created social security branch aimed at the promotion of autonomy. It is at this juncture that the CNSA is in need of technical support, to develop the right tools, standard operating procedures and methods to accomplish its strengthened mandate, and execute its newly revamped budget for the period 2022-2026.

Support delivered 

The technical support ha been delivered through an initial situation analysis, to take stock of the CNSA’s current organisational structure, as well as its current analytical and administrative capacity. As part of a second comparative phase, the CNSA benefited from an exposure to best practices in the field of internal audit and monitoring and evaluation, as applied to long-term care. A proposal for a new Reorganisation Strategy and Cooperation Framework was subsequently developed, and presented to key stakeholders as part of a strategic consultation procedure. Lastly, an action plan was developed, which will include specific milestones and targets for the full implementation of the Strategy and Cooperation Framework, beyond the timeframe of the project. 

Results achieved 

The technical support is ultimately expected to increase the capacity of the CNSA to perform its new duties, most specifically as regards the provision of technical support to the regions and departments, and ensuring equality of treatment of all French citizens through continuous monitoring and evaluation efforts. Over the long run, this is furthermore expected to increase the overall targetedness and quality of long-term care services and transfers offered across the French territory. 

More about the project

You can read the final report here: