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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets, social protection systems and migration management

Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Reforming the assessment of disability

The Commission has supported Belgium, Greece, Latvia and Lithuania in improving disability assessment methodologies and procedures to contribute to a more holistic assessment of disability that takes better account of functional capacity and individual circumstances. Areas of technical support include:

  • analysing existing benefits and services aimed at providing income and integration support to people with disabilities;
  • reviewing organisational and administrative processes;
  • reviewing assessment methodologies;
  • adapting assessment tools to the national context;
  • designing, implementing and evaluating a pilot programme;
  • designing and providing training sessions;
  • developing recommendations for revised assessment processes.

The supported reforms of the disability assessment system are expected to contribute to fair and transparent procedures, as well as a reduction in administrative burden and waiting times to support the (re-)integration of people with disabilities in society and the labour market.