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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations

Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Enhancing policy coherence, transparency and coordination at the Centre of Government in Romania 

This Commission will provide support to the General Secretariat of the Government to strengthen Romania’s centre of government in coordinating and providing guidance to line ministries in the elaboration of the forthcoming strategies.  

Moreover, the project will contribute to improving the use of the institutional framework for consultation in the decision-making process and the engagement of social partners in the design and implementation of reforms. 


Romania needs to improve its strategic planning framework, including the policy coordination at central level and the predictability of its policy-making process. Before the Covid-19 crisis, only around a third of the annual government plan was respected. While Romania has launched various initiatives to address some of the issues, challenges remain in the effectiveness of coordination mechanisms and the adequate use of the established institutional framework for consultation. 

Support delivered

The activities planned in the project include support for the design of a strategy and implementation roadmap for civil society involvement in decision-making. It also includes a proposal for strengthening the coordination mechanism for steering the “green” public policies and an implementation report on piloting three strategies based on the recommendations of the project. 

Results achieved

The project is expected to contribute to the ongoing process of strengthening the centre of government to coordinate and provide guidance to line ministries in the elaboration of the forthcoming strategies. These strategies will set out the policy objectives for Romania over the next decade and will help to prevent policy fragmentations. 

In addition, the project is expected to more effectively integrate public consultation into policymaking, allowing stakeholders to actively engage and evaluate governmental action.