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Funding Programme
  • 2021

Government evidence and data-driven decision-making framework and implementation in crisis management

The European Commission helped to revolutionise Estonia's government decision-making processes by introducing Data Driven Decision Management (DDDM). The support involves establishing a comprehensive map of key risks and enhancing crisis management, including risk assessment and disaster loss evaluation. The expected outcome is a more informed and efficient decision-making system, reducing the potential negative impact of decisions based on incomplete or misinterpreted data.


The preparation of Estonia's central government decisions is a time-consuming process that involves numerous non-automated operations including finding relevant data, analysing it and offering best options based on hard evidence and data, rather than opinions and assumptions. As the central government takes numerous decisions that affect almost all aspects of life, potential negative impact of decisions taken based on incomplete, non-relevant or misinterpreted data can be very high.

In addition to the above situation, Estonia still does not have a comprehensive map of key risks that would cover all possible hazards and emergencies in the country and does not have a solid evaluation framework for disaster loss that could help assess the actual costs of disasters.

For this reason, this project will help Estonian Government in the introduction of Data Driven Decision Management (DDDM) and in the improvement of crisis management (including risk management and disaster loss evaluation areas).

Support delivered

This project, in close collaboration with Estonia, delivers three pivotal outcomes. Estonia's active involvement in project implementation ensures the endorsement and implementation of final deliverables.

  • Introduce an improved DDDM process in its operational environment
  • Introduce improved risk mapping and disaster loss data management in its operational environment
  • Endorse Estonian risk report.

Results achieved

The project achieved notable results, including the successful establishment of a Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM) framework, fundamentally enhancing Estonia's government decision-making processes. This framework effectively addressed critical gaps in data management. Additionally, a scientifically driven risk mapping methodology and a disaster loss data management toolbox were developed, providing valuable policy-making instruments for risk analysis and evidence-based decision-making. The creation of the Estonian Risk Report further demonstrated the project's impact. Overall, these achievements significantly improved internal working procedures, methodologies, and organizational efficiency within the Estonian government, fostering a more informed and resilient approach to crisis prevention, preparedness, and response.

More about the project

You can read the final reports here: