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Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Promotion of the rule of law and Fundamental rights through high-quality online trainings in the Croatian judiciary

The Commission provided technical support to the Judicial Academy in Croatia to improve methodology, tools and expertise to design and deliver high-quality online trainings, with focus on human rights and the rule of law. The project was implemented by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Commission and with the support of the Office of the Representative of the Republic of Croatia before the European Court for Human Rights.


Improving the efficiency of the judiciary is one of the key challenges of Croatian authorities. Development of digital tools connected to the administration of justice was needed in line with the Croatian National Development Strategy. The Croatian judiciary lacked remotely accessible training resources, providing, amongst other, information and updates on human rights protection and the rule of law.

Support delivered

Assessments of training needs and digital tools provided basis for recommendations to support further digital transformation on (i) digital tools & services, (ii) training methodology with focus on e-learning, (iii) change management and drafting of Guidelines on training methodology.

On this basis, a pilot training programme on 11 topics in the area of rule of law and fundamental rights was designed. Pool of trainers was trained on methodological and technical skills for online training design and delivery, and 14 trainings were provided to 320 judges and prosecutors.

Capacity building activities included training-of-trainers, trainings on curricula design, on-line courses development and change management. Visits to judicial training institutions in Portugal and Spain and participation in HELP conferences offered insight into developments in training practices and methodologies. The digitalisation was further supported through change management strategy.

Results achieved

The project improved Judicial Academy capacity on use of digital tools and reinforced training methodology of the Judicial Academy and its capacity to deliver high-quality trainings, with more focus on e-learning. The project has contributed to establishment of sustainable training programme on human rights and the rule of law. This will strengthen capacities of judiciary in Croatia for more effective and competent judicial performances, in accordance with the best European practices.

More about the project

You can read the final report and the final presentation here: