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Reform Support
Support for the execution of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy banner

Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations

Funding Programme
  • 2021

Support for the execution of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

The Commission is supporting the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation in their efforts to lead the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives in Spain, for health, education, justice, long-term care, and the welfare system.

To do this, a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy was launched in 2021, to allow for the actions of the different administrations to be structured, and provide a reference framework for the private sector to invest in AI solutions. This technical support project aims to ensure the effective deployment of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy, through the elaboration of a communication and change management plan, the development of monitoring and control processes, and the identification of suitable financing methods and instruments, to channel funds towards those projects offering the highest return on investment.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a high potential for application in different areas of professional activities and services, fostering transformation from a technological, economic and social point of view. AI is not seen solely as a field of scientific research, business innovation or industrial development. There is a great opportunity to apply AI to the transformation of the economy and society at large, including to the operations of public services and the transparency of administrations. AI is a critical driver for the modernization of and innovation in the Spanish economy. For this reason, the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation intends to lead the development of AI initiatives in Spain, through the deployment of a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

Support delivered

The technical support is being delivered through the following outputs: 

  • Evaluation of the best strategies for the correct investment of the funds;
  • Development of indicators and action plans, regulations, etc. in consensus with all those involved;
  • Definition of a follow-up system on the execution of both internal measures and those that require collaboration with other Ministries and European or international organizations;
  • Assessment and guidance on the best financing methods and instruments to channel funds towards innovative projects in the areas of AI and digital enabling technologies;
  • Communication and change management plan;
  • Preparation of material for dissemination and communication of initiatives and results.

Results achieved

Although subject to other contributing factors, the tasks and deliverables of the project should over the longer-term contribute towards:

  • A full implementation of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, with guarantees of the deployment of all initiatives and the proper management of funds and in compliance with the EU Strategic priority 2019-2024 “a Europe fit for the digital age”;
  • A framework for the reliable and secure deployment of AI, based on the Strategy;
  • More personalized and user-friendly services, adapted to the needs and demands for higher levels of safety and respect for the environment.