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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to ensure efficient and effective revenue administration and public financial management

Funding Programme
  • 2017

Spending review in Slovakia

for the Ministry of Finance

The Commission supported Slovakian national authorities in their efforts to carry out sectoral spending reviews to improve efficiency and effectiveness of public spending.


In autumn 2015, Slovakia's Ministry of Finance initiated several spending reviews to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending.

The spending review project was part of the government's manifesto following the elections in March 2016.

Support delivered

The support provided by the Commission, IMF and independent consultants included on-site visits, workshops, remote assistance, and hands-on advice by the experts.

Support measures consisted of:

  • guidance on the design, organisation and management of the overall process and on the first and subsequent rounds of spending reviews;
  • analysis of lessons learnt and capacity building in applying a methodology during the process and the roll-over;
  • guidance for the identification, design and costing of saving measures.

Expected results

The Commission support delivered the following results:

  • enhanced capacity in understanding the drivers of spending to support evidence-based budget preparation;
  • policy decisions based on value-for-money;
  • improved quality of public services or reduced spending without hampering their quality.