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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to ensure efficient and effective revenue administration and public financial management

Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Support for replacement of the core tax IT system in Greece

The Commission provided technical support to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) of Greece for its digital transformation through a long-term initiative to replace the outdated core tax IT systems with an integrated and modern solution. More specifically, the support measures helped IAPR to design an enterprise architecture (EA), reengineer some key business processes, elaborate an approach for the replacement of IT systems, prepare an IT procurement procedure, and build the knowledge and the skills of the staff in view of the replacement of the systems.


The core IT system of the IAPR such as TAXIS, TAXISnet and Elenxis have been operational for more than 20 years. The rapid technological developments in the ICT area and the growing business requirements for automation of the business processes, storing big data, ensuring high performance and providing more and better-quality e-services to taxpayers, require urgent measures in order to prepare and implement project for replacement of these systems with an integrated solution based on state-of-the art technologies and improved functionalities.

An initiative of such a scale and complexity is extremely challenging in terms of the necessary investment and institutional capacity. Therefore, the IAPR ensured financial support under the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Greece through an investment project “Digital transformation of the IAPR” including the replacement of core digital systems and expansion of the functionality of service provision including the implementation of interoperability mechanisms.

The TSI technical support project helped the IAPR build its capacity, design an approach for the replacement and prepare the IT procurement that will be needed for the investment.

Support delivered

The project included a set of activities and deliverables aiming at both – providing methodologies, tools and approaches to address the problems, and building the capacity of the team of the IAPR to implement sustainably these tools and methodologies into the operational and organisational framework of the agency. To this end, the service provider and the beneficiary worked closely together in a “co-design” mode for implementation of the following activities:

  • Design the enterprise architecture (technological, application and data layers) of the organisation.
  • Reengineer key business processes of the organisation that would have the most substantial impact on the new IT replacement such as tax audit case management, revenue collection and centralised accounting.
  • Propose an approach for the replacement of the core systems.
  • Prepare the documentation for an IT procurement procedure for the IT replacement
  • Train the IAPR team on EA methodology and tools and IT procurement

Results achieved

This project produced the following deliverable for the IAPR:

  • Enterprise architecture Report and Repository
  • Business process reengineering report and repository
  • Approach for the replacement of TAXIS, TAXISnet and Elenxis
  • Recommendations for preparation and organising an IT procurement procedure for the replacement and draft tender documentation
  • Training materials and training sessions on EA methodology and tools and IT procurement

Provided that the proposals and recommendations will be incorporated as part of IAPR institutional and operational framework, the deliverables are expected to result in the following outcomes:

  • Designed Enterprise Architecture as a key success factor for the IAPR’s digital transformation.
  • Consistent, comprehensive and feasible preparation for the replacement of the core tax systems of the IAPR.
  • Building the IAPR’s own capacity to develop and maintain EA and to prepare and carry out IT procurement.

Although subject to other contributing factors, the outcomes from the project should help the IAPR  (1) ensure high level performance, stability and data security of the IT systems, (2) support the tax administration processes in an more effective and efficient way, (3) satisfy the expectations of the taxpayers for high quality e-services, and (4) increase the revenue collection and compliance.