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Funding Programme
  • 2020

Assembling a white book for legal framework for families in Spain

The Commission provided technical support to the Spanish Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 – specifically, the General Directorate for Family Diversity and Social Services – to analyse possible reform pathways in the field of family policy, and to draft a White Book containing specific policy recommendations. This is expected to inspire a new legal framework for families at the national level.


Spain’s family protection system has not evolved alongside substantial demographic and societal transformations altering the nature and composition of families. For instance, the growth of single-parent households or reconstituted families has been significant, but only a few autonomous communities have adapted their benefits and services to include these new models. Spanish families also enjoy a markedly different protection level from one autonomous community to another, which further exacerbates existing regional disparities.

Support delivered 

The technical support provided covered: an analysis of the current state of affairs in Spain, as regards the situation of families; an assessment of international good practices and consultations with stakeholders; leading up to specific recommendations, structured into a new White Book for Families. It is expected that this White Book will serve as a stepping stone for the Spanish authorities to develop a new legal framework for the provision of family support and protection at the national level.

Results achieved 

As a result of this project, the Spanish authorities have developed a better understanding of the challenges and weaknesses of the current family protection system and have a better overview of good practices in other EU and OECD countries. In the mid-term, the results of the White Book consultation, and the recommendations included therein, are expected to inspire the drafting of a new legal framework for family support and protection at the national level.

More about the project

You can read the final report here: