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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to improve the quality of education and training systems and ensure equal access to it

Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Improving upskilling pathways for the low-skilled in Wallonia

for the Public Service of Wallonia

The Commission provided support for the recognition, validation and certification of competences and to improve the quality and recognition of CISPs programmes delivered to low skilled people to facilitate their access to formal learning schemes and upskilling pathways.


The socio-professional integration centres (CISPs) help low skilled people develop different competences through informal learning. However, adults having acquired semi-professional skills in CISPs and willing to achieve higher levels of qualification are denied direct access to further education pathways unless they are first re-trained by public providers.

One obstacle to the recognition of the programmes of the integration centres is the lack of a quality assurance system and adapted skills assessment in their training provision.

Support delivered

The Commission, in cooperation with the OECD, provided support over 2 years to:

  • steer national stakeholders’ working groups;
  • bring in relevant EU practices in recognition, validation and certification of competences (RVCC);
  • develop a system to assess and recognise training outcomes of the socio-professional training centres;
  • define a set of quality assurance indicators.

Results achieved

The support delivered the following results:

  • increased stakeholders’ awareness of RVCC practices through analysis of EU practices and national diagnosis.
  • development of a system to assess and recognise learning outcomes of programmes of the training centres; 
  • a proposal for a quality assurance system for CISPs programmes.