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Supporting reforms to strengthen labour markets social protection systems, and migration management

Funding Programme
  • 2018

Youth work in the context of integration of young refugees and migrants in Austria 

The Commission supported the Austrian authorities in improving the design and delivery of policies targeted at young migrants and refugees. This was done by 1) assessing the current situation regarding youth work in Austria in the context of migrant integration; 2) developing a comprehensive support package and recommendations for more coordinated youth work in the context of integration and 3) improving coordination between key actors in the fields of youth work and integration at all political levels (municipal, federal and national]. 


Whether the EU can tackle poverty and increase prosperity for all will depend strongly on how well those who were not born in the EU can be integrated into the labour market and society. Since the refugee crisis began towards the end of 2014, Austria has been facing growing challenges related to the effective integration of young refugees and migrants into society. As the 18-34 age group forms the highest proportion of immigrants in Austria, a specific challenge is the youth sector and the integration of young migrants into the society and labour market. The project was in line with the Austrian Government Programme (2017-2022), the Austrian Youth Strategy 2013-2020, the National Action Plan for Integration and the “50 Action Points for the integration of persons entitled to asylum or subsidiary protection in Austria”. The project also has direct links to the European Commission’s Action Plan on the integration of third country nationals and the EU Youth Strategy. 

Support delivered 

Technical support was provided in the following ways:  

  • An assessment of the current situation (including selected good practices from other MSs, and data analysis).
  • Drafting of a national strategy for youth integration (including its validation through a series of workshops.
  • Support on the implementation of the national strategy (including the monitoring and evaluation framework). 

Results achieved 

The project brought together a wide range of stakeholders that are engaged in the integration of young migrants, including at the local level. It enabled the sharing of  European and international good practices and led to the development of a national strategy to support the integration of young refugees in the Austrian society.