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2023 Flagship Technical Support Project

Technical Support Instrument

PACE – Public Administration Cooperation Exchange


This Flagship Technical Support Project aims at promoting cooperation and cross-border exchanges among Member States to build administrative capacity and prepare the next generation of policymakers in the European Union. The Public Administration Cooperation Exchange (PACE) Initiative will provide a unique opportunity for civil servants of national administrations to experience the working methods and culture of other EU public administrations in selected areas. Participating Member States will be paired according to their interests and capacity to host civil servants in order to best leverage all the knowledge available.


  • Increased awareness of the European dimension in national administrations and the development of an EU culture among civil servants
  • Facilitation of knowledge transfer and best practice exchanges to reinforce the administrative capacity of Member States
  • Enhanced collaboration opportunities for national administrations on areas of common or European interest
  • Promotion of values and principles of good administration


The overall objective of this flagship project is to facilitate civil servant exchanges between the public administrations of the EU Member States. The PACE initiative is an opportunity to promote direct, one-to-one dialogues and allow different stakeholders to learn from each other and share knowledge. It will also foster cross-border cooperation between Member States by creating connections between officials and synergies in working methods.

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This flagship project identifies five areas for Member States to organise the exchange of civil servants based on their needs and EU priorities. Member States will be invited to indicate the areas and sub-areas of interest as well as their capacity to host civil servants from other Member States.

Digital transformation

  • Governance and strategic management
  • Reengineering of internal processes
  • Design and maturity of digital services for the Single Digital Gateway
  • Specific experience linked with the 2030 targets of the Digital Compass and reforms and investments planned under the national Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP)
  • Digitalisation of the justice system

Green transformation

  • Sustainable public procurement and budgeting
  • Greening the tax system
  • Support on how to gradually eliminate subsidies to fossil fuels, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and adopt carbon pricing
  • Green digitalisation and greening of the administration itself

Improvement of public administration performance

  • Promoting better understanding on how to design, monitor and evaluate public policies;
  • Use of analytical data
  • Improvement of multi-level governance
  • Set up and management of shared services
  • Development of crisis management

Professionalisation of public administration

  • Strategies and models to attract talent and for career development
  • Strategies and models for modernising human resources
  • Promotion of leadership and organisational learning

Management of investment and implementation of EU Instruments

  • Preparation, management and evaluation of EU programmes and projects
  • Coordination, supervision and monitoring of the RRPs


Building strong public administrations and administrative capacity is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the RRPs. Several countries have included in their RRP investments aimed at improving the quality of public administrations. This flagship project will target the capacity building of the public administration in key public sector areas.

Many challenges targeted by the RRPs such as climate change, digitalisation, crisis management, addressing the effects of globalisation, cannot be solved by a single administration alone, given the multidimensional structure of the issues. Cooperation among Member States helps make the most of the generated knowledge. Building cross-border ties and acquiring an EU perspective in policy and decision-making are fundamental. In this context, the flagship constitutes a valuable opportunity to connect Member States’ efforts and facilitate exchanges, especially under two of the most prominent pillars of the Recovery and Resilience Facility: the digital and the green transition.

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11 MAY 2022
Public Administration Cooperation Exchange


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