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Funding Programme
  • 2019

Circular Czechia - Preparation of the new National Circular Economy strategic framework

The European Commission supported the Czech Republic to develop a new Circular Economy strategic framework, including a revision of the national waste management plan and an associated waste prevention programme.


In line with the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy (CEAP), and in order to achieve the 2030 EU recycling targets, the Czech Republic needs to implement significant changes to existing plans and programmes.

Support delivered

The project supported the Czech government in developing and presenting a Circular Economy strategic framework and new waste management strategy, including:

  • The identification of relevant international best practices;
  • An analysis of the circular economy potential and prioritising sectors of intervention;
  • The set-up of an implementation and evaluation plan;
  • The design of a communication plan;
  • An extensive stakeholder engagement.

Results achieved

Thanks to the technical support provided by the Commission, the Czech Republic has taken steps to improve the strategic and institutional infrastructure for transitioning towards circular economy. This will contribute to increased resource efficiency and improved waste management, including positive effects in attaining national climate and other environmental objectives.