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Reform Support
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Supporting reforms to transition to a green economy and fight climate change

Funding Programme
  • 2018

Supporting clean energy investments in Greece

for the Ministry of Environment and Energy

Support for improving the framework conditions for investments in clean energy in Greece, particularly for renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Greece has limited experience in developing comprehensive long-term energy and climate strategies. The new Energy Union Governance with its National Energy and Climate Plans and long-term strategies therefore posed a significant challenge to the Ministry. In addition, barriers to investments and insufficient financing options for renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean transport need to be addressed.

Support delivered

The Commission and the German development agency, GIZ, is supporting Greece over 2 years through the provision of embedded experts at the Ministry to:

  • improve the governance and analytical underpinning of long-term energy and climate planning;
  • raise awareness and provide training schemes on integrating clean and smart energy in the built environment;
  • develop support schemes for clean energy in transport;
  • analyse investment needs and innovative financing instruments for clean energy technologies.

Expected results

The support from the Commission is delivering the following results:

  • a long-term strategy for energy and climate in Greece and a sufficiently ambitious National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030, underpinned by sound policies and measures;
  • identification of new investment potentials in clean energy and new legislation and regulation to unlock additional financing.