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Funding Programme
  • 2019

Digitalisation of healthcare: development of the Croatian e-Health Strategic Development Plan 2020-2027 and Action Plan 2021-2022

The Commission is supporting Croatia in its efforts to develop e-Health Strategic Development Plan 2020-2027 and Action Plan 2021-2022. This is in line with the Commission’s priority for an eHealth Union.


eHealth is defined as Priority 1 of the National Health Care Strategy 2012-2020 of Croatia. The Ministry of Health of Croatia asked for support in defining new, updated version of long-term national e-Health strategy 2021- 2027 and short-term e-Health action plan 2021-22 based on international recommended and accepted WHO’s National e-Health Strategy Toolkit.

Support to be delivered

The support consisted in supporting the national authorities to enhance their capacity to develop the eHealth strategy by following the WHO’s National e-Health Strategy Toolkit.

Results achieved

The Croatian Ministry of Health co-developed together with the key stakeholders an eHealth Strategy and an action plan. Those set a direction for an eHealth Strategy through a common vision and outline the main action lines, timeline, responsible parties and resources required to implement the recommendations. The eHealth Strategy will be integrated into the National Health Care Strategy. This would ultimately benefit Croatian citizens.