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Migration Management

NEW Technical Support Instrument call assists Member States with the preparation of their National Implementation Plans for the Pact on Migration and Asylum 

Strengthening migration management, asylum and reception

A comprehensive approach to migration management is required to build mutual trust between Member States, to ensure the consistency of the EU approach on asylum, migration management, external border protection and relations with relevant third countries. At the same time, the effectiveness of the overall approach depends on all components being jointly addressed and in an integrated manner.

Until TSI 2024, in the area of accommodation and reception systems for beneficiaries of temporary protection and other third country nationals (TCNs), we have implemented 12 projects in 6 MS (AT, BG, CY, CZ, GR, IE)).

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In the aftermath of the Syrian refugee crisis, we supported the Ministry of Migration and Asylum policy in establishing a permanent reception system for vulnerable asylum seekers, entirely managed by the state, with standards in line with the EU acquis. Moreover, the Commission supported national authorities with reinforcing their institutional and operational capacity to provide appropriate reception conditions and services to vulnerable asylum seekers.

Migrant integration and labour market inclusion

The integration and social inclusion of all migrants, including refugees, is crucial not only to foster the cohesion of our societies but also to ensure that migrants and refugees can reach their full potential in Europe. Many have necessary skills and talents to address skills gaps and labour shortages. Therefore, ensuring an effective integration and inclusion in the EU of migrants is a social and economic investment that makes European societies more cohesive, resilient and prosperous

Until TSI 2024, in the area of integration and labour market inclusion, we implemented 32 projects in 16 MS (AT, BE, CY, CZ, ES, FI, FR, GR, HR, IT, MT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK), mainly to help national authorities coordinate actions at central, regional and local level; deliver quality services to migrants and refugees; and facilitate access to adequate jobs, thereby contributing to making  the EU a more attractive talent destination.  

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We support Finland’s national and local stakeholders in coordinating, fostering and exchanging inclusive integration and anti-discrimination practices. The project, currently on the ground, supports the assessment and improvement of integration policies both at the national and local levels.

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We are currently helping Spain developing a strategy for streamlining the labour market inclusion of TCNs, including through the use of a centralized online platform. The strategy will target talent attraction from third countries as well as TCNs already in Spain. The relevant platform will also facilitate the matching between skilled migrants and employers seeking workers with skills that are currently in short supply in Spain.

Talent attraction and retention

In the last decade, migrant workers accounted for a significant part of new jobs in the EU, helping to address labour market shortages. Such shortages increase the pressure on labour markets, undermining competitiveness and economic growth. In this line, legal migration can bring benefits to our society and the economy by accompanying the EU's transition to a green and digital economy. Labour migration not only has an economic dimension, it also improves overall migration management as it helps strengthen our cooperation with countries of origin.

Until TSI 2024, in the area of talent attraction and retention, we have implemented 10 projects in 9 MS (BE, CZ, DK, LT, NL, PL, RO, SK, SE). The TSI helps Member States to address challenges related to the shortage of a skilled workforce and enhance the capacity of authorities to adapt their legal framework and policies to attract international talent.  

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We support the identification of measures to increase cross-border labour market inclusion of TCNs in the Greater Copenhagen Region. The TSI project will strengthen the capacity of beneficiary administrations in the Capital Region of Denmark and in Southern Sweden to analyze existing barriers to cross-border labour market integration and develop policies and measures that can help overcome them.

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