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Funding Programme
  • 2021

Developing an ICT strategy and modernisation plan for Spanish public administrations

The Commission supported the Spanish Government in developing the Spanish Digital Plan (Digital Spain 2025) to promote the digital transformation of Spain as one of the fundamental drivers for relaunching economic growth, reducing inequality, increasing productivity and taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by emerging and transformative technologies.

Digital Spain 2025 has a specific axis for the digital transformation of the public sector. It includes a set of investments and reforms needed to achieve a 21st century administration, where the relationship with citizens and companies and the management of public services is carried out digitally. Other axes of Digital Spain 2025 include complementary measures for the achievement of this objective.

All the actions linked to the digital transformation of the Public Sector defined within Digital Spain 2025 have been promoted in the new “Digitalization Plan for public administrations (2021-2025)”, defining the strategy in the area of digital administration and digital public services. The Digitalization Plan for public administrations (2021-2025) was developed by the General State Administration together with the European Commission thanks to the funding provided by the European Commission.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation process, highlighting the strengths and also the shortcomings of the administration in terms of being able to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the digital transformation in a changing environment.

This request for service aims at supporting two different entities of the Spanish public administration in their effort to implement the said strategy, General Secretariat for Digital Administration (SGAD) and Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures (SETELECO).