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Supporting reforms to ensure efficient and effective revenue administration and public financial management

Funding Programme
Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)

Strengthening Project Portfolio Management in Finland

The Commission is supporting the digital transformation of the Finnish Customs’ project management and project portfolio management processes. A new IT tool will facilitate the management of multiple projects and improve the capacity for joint actions among Customs departments, with other ministries and Member States.


The Finish Custom administration is seeking to have a systematic approach for project portfolio management to properly prepare projects, partly supported by external funds, before the funding processes start. By taking into account EU legislative changes and EU funding opportunities, the SRSP project will increase the number of successful funding applications. Thus, more projects will be implemented in the longer term.

Support delivered

The Commission and international experts provided the following support measures:

  • Analysis of the current AS-IS situation, business needs and objectives with regard to the design of the desired future TO-BE situation;
  • Consultation with stakeholders and impact assessment;
  • Development of a transition plan towards the desired TO-BE situation.

Results achieved

Commission’s support will lead to the design of a tailored IT tool for the Finish Customs, which will allow them to improve their project portfolio management and strengthen their strategic role in securing EU external borders. In the future, other Member States can benefit from the methodology of this project in terms of harmonising international funding application processes.