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Funding Programme
  • 2020

Design of a system to monitor the implementation of the law on inclusive education in Portugal

The Commission is supporting the Portuguese Ministry of Education to stir the discussion with all relevant stakeholders to define standards, indicators and procedures in a comprehensive system to monitor the implementation of the new law on inclusive education.

In July 2018 the Government of Portugal approved a new law to promote inclusion in school education, under the National Plan to Promote School Success. One of the fundamental changes under this new law is the greater autonomy and flexibility it gives to school professionals, including teachers, special education teachers, pedagogues and psychologists. The legal text foresees the setting of a system to monitor the law’s implementation, but the standards and indicators to achieve need to be defined.

The Commission is providing support to the Portuguese authorities to stir the consultation process with all relevant stakeholders, including relevant national agencies, education staff, and parents, by providing an analysis of the Decree-Law No. 54/2018, 6 and a proposal for standards and indicators. The support will include the piloting of the proposed monitoring system and an exchange with relevant international practitioners.

This project will provide the Portuguese education system with the relevant tools and processes to monitor the implementation of the law on inclusive education.