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Reform Support

Recovery and Resilience Plans

General support for the overall preparation or implementation of RRPs

  • RRP preparation in Cyprus

The Commission supported Cyprus in preparing its RRP, including for setting up costing methodologies on RRP reforms and investments and for the design of a monitoring facility.

  • RRP implementation mechanisms in Portugal

The Commission is supporting Portugal in enhancing the RRP monitoring, reporting, audit and control mechanisms and in developing an investment management framework for RRP investments.

Support for the implementation of thematic reforms and investments in the RRP

TSI has been supporting the implementation of thematic reforms and investments included in the RRPs, across policy areas of governance and public administration, digital, sustainable growth and business environment, labour market, health, education, social services, revenue administration and public financial management or in the financial sector. 

  • Green transition reforms and investments in SpainThe Commission is supporting Spain in monitoring, reporting, and implementing green reforms and investments, as set out in components 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the national RRP.
  • Rail sector restructuring in Greece: The European Commission is supporting Greece with the restructuring of its rail system in order to make the national rail infrastructure sector more efficient, modern, better integrated and responsive to customer demand, as set out in component 4 of the national RRP.
  • Spending review reforms in Belgium: The Commission is supporting Belgium with the introduction and institutionalisation of spending reviews at federal level, as well as in the Brussels-Capital-Region, the Walloon Region and Wallonia-Brussels Federation, as set out in component 6 of the national RRP.
  • Tax administration reform in Romania: The Commission is supporting Romania with the reform of the tax administration, by helping to deliver input for the revision of the legal and institutional framework for fiscal control activities, as set out in component C8 of the national RRP.
  • Digitalization of the judiciary and enhancing the transparency of judicial decisions in CroatiaThe Commission is supporting Croatia with the further uptake of e-communication and publication of court decisions, which shall contribute to enhanced efficiency and transparency of the judicial process and consistency of decisions, as set out in component 2 of the national RRP.
  • Public administration reform in Italy: The Commission is supporting Italy in improving the exchange of information between different levels and departments of the public administration, by introducing and testing new methodologies, as set out in component 1 of the national RRP.
  • Healthcare provision in Lithuania: The Commission is supporting Lithuania in improving the provision of long-term care services, with a particular focus on mental health, as set out in component A.1 of the national RRP.
  • FinTech development in CzechiaThe Commission is supporting Czechia in further developing its FinTech sector, as specified in component D1 of the national RRP, by setting-up a regulatory sandbox for innovative financial services, open to all financial actors.
  • Promotion of hydrogen value chain and open-access network for Flanders: The European Commission is assisting Belgium with the implementation of component 1.2 of its Recovery and Resilience Plan linked to emerging energy technologies.

Additional support for RRP implementation

Member States may also decide to finance additional technical support linked to the implementation of the RRPs through transfers from the RRF resources to the TSI by using Article 7 of the TSI Regulation in combination with Article 7(2) of the RRF Regulation, or transfers from national funds to the TSI under Article 7 of the TSI Regulation.

These possibilities have so far been used by Romania, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus covering 8 additional projects linked to RRP implementation in the areas of healthcare, education, public procurement, energy, better regulation, administrative burden reduction and investment promotion.

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