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Funding Programme
  • 2019

Tackling Students’ Disengagement and School Dropout in Cyprus

The Commission is supporting Cyprus to improve the engagement of students at risk of dropout and to offer new opportunities for those who already dropped out, but wish to re-engage in schools and gain necessary qualifications and skills to improve job prospects.


Considerable efforts have been undertaken in Cyprus to improve equity of education, in particular in respect of students with special education needs. However, what needs to be improved when it comes to equity in the system is the focus on students who are struggling at schools (low achievers and at risk of dropping out) and to those who already dropped out and provide them with adequate support to prevent school abandon and alternatives for re-engaging in education and training.

Support delivered

The support provided by the Commission consisted of:

  1. An analysis of the root causes for students disengaging and dropping out from secondary education, and of the policies in place to address these causes in Cyprus;
  2. Policy recommendations to improve the engagement of students encountering difficulties in the secondary education in Cyprus and to reengage those who left education and training prematurely; and
  3. An Action Plan for effective implementation of these policy recommendations

Results achieved

The set of recommendations and the Action Plan for implementation of these recommendations should inform the Cypriot authorities on providing tailored and equitable educational opportunities to the students struggling at schools, and to those who already dropped out. Over the longer term, it would contribute to reducing numbers of early school leavers in Cyprus.