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Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Accelerating access to essential services for displaced Ukrainians in Romania

The Commission is supporting Romania to accelerate the access to essential services for persons fleeing Ukraine due to Russia’s unprovoked attack, including access to education for Ukrainian children.


Following Russia’s unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine, an unprecedented number of people have fled and continue to flee to the EU. Romania has been predominantly a transit country during the initial weeks of the war. At the same time, there are currently more than 100,000 Ukrainians which have submitted a request of Temporary Protection in Romania through registration. The initial provision of integration support services was fragmented and heavily relied on the contribution of international and non-governmental organisations, businesses and volunteers. With the vast majority of displaced Ukrainians being women and children, access to education for children was one of the main challenges for Romania.

Support delivered

The Commission, together with the World Bank as implementing partner, has been providing support to the Romanian Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations and Ministry of Education since July 2022 in order to:

  • review the modalities and effectiveness of assistance services;
  • map the stakeholders in order to strengthen their coordination;
  • suggest recommendations to the sectoral working groups in order to achieve quick improvements on integration support services and conduct pilot projects;
  • support the design and implementation of a pilot project for testing learning support activities in educational centres;
  • examine both the Ukrainian and the Romanian curriculum with regard to relevant subjects;
  • suggest recommendations for a placement assessment framework for Ukrainian children.

Expected results

The expected results of this project are to:

  • support Romanian authorities in accelerating access and improving the delivery of assistance services for persons fleeing Ukraine in order to ensure their better integration;
  • assist and advise the Ministry of Education to speed up and improve access to education and psychosocial support services for Ukrainian children displaced in Romania.

More about the project

This short video outlines how the Commission's technical support has helped Ukrainian pupils better integrate in Romanian schools.


Full video: