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Reform Support

Supporting reforms to reinforce efficient and high quality public administrations

Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Strengthening the administrative capacity of the Italian National Institute of Social Security (INPS)

The European Commission provided technical support that will enable the INPS to advance its digital transformation agenda and improve the quality and impact of services provided to its users. This will also enable/facilitate the sharing of best practices between Italian and EU public administrations and provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning.


INPS is Italy’s main social security organisation and one of the largest in the European Union. In order that the services provided to users are continuously improved, it is crucial that the INPS workforce upskills to adapt to the digital transformation of social security services and operations. INPS requires technical support to design and implement a strategy to develop the digital skills and cultivate a digital mindset.

INPS has already started the process of digitalising the Italian social security system, through its “IT Three-Year Plan 2021-2023.” This follows the objectives outlined by the Agency for Digital Italy in the “Three-Year Plan for information technology in Public Administration 2020-2022.” This is in line with the implementation of the RRP related investment “Digitalisation of INPS” and specifically to the 2022-2023 objective “Improvement of INPS civil servants’ ICT skills”.

Support delivered

The following support will be delivered:

  1. Analysis of INPS current workforce, including but not limited to composition, distribution, competencies, capacities, skills and the digital gap
  2. Actionable plan to promote digital skills and develop a digital mindset in INPS employees’
  3. Recommendations for internal and external communication, including a roadmap for a campaign to target different end-user groups
  4. Recommendations for an institutional learning mechanism, allowing INPS to keep up to date with innovation trends and tools in social services and adapt employees’ digital skills accordingly

Results achieved

The expected results of the project include:

  1. INPS develops digital skills and a digital mindset among its employees
  2. INPS raises awareness of digitally-enabled services among citizens