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DG REFORM at the Delphi Economic Forum VIII

On 28 and 29 April, the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) is organising 3 high-level panels in the context of the Delphi Economic Forum VIII. The panels will focus on skills, public administration and culture. Moreover, a DG REFORM representative will moderate a high-level panel on migration.

The ultimate match-maker: The EU’s role in upskilling the European talent pool

Europeans need to have access to quality education and training, and be equipped with the right skills in order to respond to the challenges of the digital and green transitions, and embrace the new opportunities provided by these changes. A skilled workforce is also a key driver of sustainable growth, leading to more innovation and enhancing competitiveness of the European economy. The European Year of Skills 2023 puts skills centre-stage through helping people get the right skills for quality jobs and helping companies address skills shortages. This panel discussion will explore how the EU can address these needs, and the goals of the European Year of Skills 2023, through investments, talent attraction, and reforms.  

The need to capacitate public administration at a central and regional level

Well performing public administrations are fundamental at national and EU level underpinning growth, social fairness, quality of services to the citizens, enhancing trust while supporting EU policies’ implementation and the absorption of EU funds. At the same time, they face several challenges due to the recent crises and the rapid transformations of our world. This panel discussion will revolve around challenges posed to public administration by the megatrends of the future, including the rapid technological change, the need to equip the workforce with the skills required for the future and the initiatives that can be considered at national and EU level with the view to preparing resilient public administration fit for the future.  

Cultural wealth: Exploring the long overlooked potential of the cultural sector

The economic potential of culture has long been overlooked. The cultural sector, however, has in many cases developed faster than the rest of the economy and often provides highly skilled employment opportunities. This panel discussion will explore the potential of culture as an integrated approach to economic development in a diverse and innovative manner as well as ways in which this potential can be harnessed across the EU in sectors such as arts and crafts, and tourism.

Building a safe, fair and responsible migration policy for European societies

Migration is one of Europe’s most enduring issues as highlighted also by the recent crises in Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine. From managing migration flows, to integrating recognized refugees but also to attracting talent from third countries, the issue of migration is complex and challenging. This panel discussion will focus on key challenges, possible ways forward and the need for a common European solution through consensus.

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Visit the forum website for more information or consult the agenda for practical information on DG REFORM panels.