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Reform Support

Setting up an independent revenue agency in Greece

for the national Revenue Authority

The Commission supported national authorities in their efforts to establish an independent agency for public revenue.


The Greek authorities wished to establish an independent revenue authority with its own financial, organisational and human resources, free from political influence. The previous systems had limited the performance and efficiency of the national revenue administration.

Support delivered

The support was provided by the SRSS over 18 months, in cooperation with the IMF, and consisted of:

  • designing the minimum requirements for autonomy to enable the Independent Agency for Public Revenue to operate efficiently and to implement modern working methods;
  • providing guidance during the drafting phase of the legislation setting up the Independent Agency for Public Revenue – in line with best international practice and national constitutions; and
  • providing support during the setting-up of the Independent Agency for Public Revenue in the fields of IT services, human resources, tax compliance and debt collection.

Results achieved

The SRSS support delivered the following results:

  • establishment of the Independent Agency for Public Revenue.

And had the following impact:

  • created an independent public revenue administration;
  • created a new public revenue model designed to modernise and increase the efficiency of audits and tax collection ; and
  • established best practice for the set-up of future organisations.