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Reform Support

Treasury Single Account in Portugal

for the Ministry of Finance

The Commission is supporting national authorities in their efforts to improve the functioning of their Treasury Single Account.


The Ministry of Finance intends to use the momentum of the reform of the budget framework law and the additional information provided by the new framework to modernise cash management and enhance its capacity to forecast non-tax revenue.

Support to be delivered

The support provided by the SRSS and the World bank will take the form of on-site missions and workshops.

The planned measures consist of:

  • reviewing the functions of the Debt and Treasury Management Agency;
  • developing a new cash management model;
  • streamlining non-tax collection and accounting procedures; and
  • providing recommendations for improvements in the architecture of the Financial Management Information System

Expected results

Support from the SRSS is expected to deliver the following results:

  • more effective cash management; and
  • improved non-tax revenue collection and accounting.

And have the following impacts:

  • reduced level of debt and hence costs of borrowing; and
  • fostering sound financial management.