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Supporting reforms to foster an attractive business environment and increase competitiveness

Funding Programme
  • 2021

Supporting the Broadband Competence Office and broadband projects in Cyprus

The Commission has supported the Broadband Competence Office (BCO) in Cyprus and the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP).  

The main objective was the improvement of the capacity of the Broadband Competence Office (BCO) to increase the access of the population to affordable, high quality, and speed broadband services.


Cyprus’ Broadband Competence Office is confronting with a number of challenges in planning and implementing broadband measures, in order to meet EU broadband targets. According to 2023 Digital Economy and Society Index, Cyprus is still below the EU average in terms of ultrafast broadband coverage, fast broadband uptake, ultrafast broadband uptake, and the broadband price index. While fixed broadband coverage is among the factors boosting Cyprus’ ability to benefit from the digital economy, the main challenge remains to encourage take-up of ultrafast broadband.

This project is directly linked to the digital transition, that is both one of the EU top priorities and a pillar of the national RRP.

Support delivered

The aim of the project is to support and increase the capacity of the Broadband Competence Office, which will operate as single point of reference in the broadband sector for public investments and the cooperation with private investors, facilitating the administrative procedures. Additionally, this project will support Cyprus’ RRP. The project duration was 21 months. 

Results achieved

The aim was to develop a well-structured and equipped Broadband Competence Office in Cyprus. The BCO should be able to coordinate and provide guidance to broadband project promoters (public or private, users or investors) in terms of technology, funding opportunities and administrative/regulatory issues by collecting and distributing the related information.

Therefore, the main expected outcome was to improve the capacity of BCO and enhance the coverage of the population with affordable, high quality, and speed broadband services.


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