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Funding Programme
  • 2020

Digital Transformation of Hungarian Higher Education

The Commission is supporting Hungary’s effort to review its strategic framework for the digital transformation of the higher education system, building on other national policies and practices.


Hungary is in the process of modernising its higher education, including through enhanced digitalisation of teaching and learning. Although the measures taken so far led to many improvements, their actual impact remains difficult to assess. To address this challenge, in line with EU priorities, in particular the Digital Education Action plan, the support provided through expert advice focuses on the main pillars of digital transformation, ICT infrastructure, teaching and learning.

Support delivered

The support delivered to the Hungarian authorities identifies policy options to enhance the quality, competitiveness, internationalisation, inclusiveness and governance of higher education through digitalisation. It also offers a policy toolbox for assessing the digital readiness of higher education institutions as a basis for future strategic planning and intervention design. The project runs from July 2020 to October 2021. It actively engages stakeholders through fact-finding missions, webinars and institutional roundtables.

Expected results

Expected results include capacity building through policy recommendations for revising the current strategic framework; proposals for quantitative and qualitative digital readiness assessment indicators; and workshops discussing how successful practices in other countries could be replicated. The Hungarian authorities will benefit from this support to develop a monitoring, evaluation and policy intervention framework for digitalizing higher education. The enhanced expertise will have a positive impact on the ground by facilitating reform delivery.