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Funding Programme
Technical Support Instrument (TSI)

Facilitating Third Country Nationals’ access to social services and the Greek labour market

The European Commission is supporting Greece in improving Third Country National’s access to social services and the Greek labour market, including for persons fleeing Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.


In particular, the Commission is helping the national authorities in designing a modern and user-friendly online platform to ease and better coordinate the inclusion of Third Country Nationals in different aspects of life. This will primarily happen through the provision of accurate and real time data concerning language courses, access to healthcare, education, accommodation as well as jobs.

Support delivered

The Commission, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), is supporting the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum and other national stakeholders in the:  

  • Development of up-to-date information material on rights, obligations and available services for Third Country Nationals, including for persons displaced from Ukraine;   
  • Consultations with integration stakeholders at national, regional and local level to gather feedback relating to the design and future rollout of the online platform for social inclusion;  
  • Drafting of technical specifications for the online platform for social inclusion;  
  • Development of a communication strategy to ensure the future effective use of the platform by stakeholders and end users. 

Results achieved 

The project will facilitate the development of a digital platform that brings all essential information for Third Country Nationals in one place. To this end, the platform shall also function as tool to match supply and demand for skills of Third Country Nationals, contributing towards addressing labour market shortages.

Its expected impact is a better socio-economic integration of migrants in Greece.

More about the project

More information about the project on the website of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).